Care Facilities for the Elderly.

The Sherman Oaks Board And Care facility Los Angeles consists of 6 large houses on a single terrace:

Our care facilities offers 24 hour care and supervision. Situated in friendly neighborhoods in a quiet residential area.

Carmel Facilities Services:

  • Twenty four hour care and supervision
  • Three well balanced meals and tasty snacks
  • Kosher style kitchen
  • Special diets
  • Housekeeping and laundry
  • Daily recreational, educational and social activities
  • Assistance in personal hygiene
  • Transportation to doctor appointment
  • One-to-one support through periods of depression, confusion, pain or plain discomfort
  • Assistance in self-administration of prescribed medication

Each Carmel Facility is Equipped with:

  • Security alarm system
  • Outdoor patio and sitting areas
  • Ramps
  • Central heating and air conditioning
  • Cable TV and VCR
  • Nearby restaurants, shopping malls, parks and medical centers

Caregivers and residents from one of our care facilities
Carmel Care for the elderly in Woodland Hills

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Open door policy

Any family member can visit and participate in any function at any time of the day.Carmel facilities are located in Sherman Oaks and in Woodland Hills.

caregivers  for eldercsare los angeles